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Don’t take our word for it… hear what other’s have to say! 

I truly believe that The Life Enrichment Process you have made available is a REAL gift to this world. It touches the inner wisdom inside all of us and gives each individual the opportunity to get in touch with their own strength and knowledge. It’s truly empowering…because it gives each individual the focus to CHOOSE what they want and how they want to feel. You have provided this tool with a compassion and understanding that makes each participant in your programs feel “safe” and accepted.

– Susan Foster, Princeton, New Jersey


Reviews Enrichment ProcessThe Life Enrichment Process has afforded me an opportunity to be an active force in my life as well as take charge of my own destiny and design a life of substance.

– Gina McAndrew, Chicago, Illinois


The Life Enrichment Process has changed my life. Initially, I was a skeptic about the value of processing old beliefs out and replacing them with new positive beliefs. After years of personal successes with this process, I find myself more relaxed, focused and able to move forward with life’s ongoing challenges with ease and confidence.

– Lee Knapp, Fort Myers, Florida


This is different from any other seminar I’ve ever attended. It will not just change the way I do my job, it will change the way I live my life.

– Nancy Persinger, Roselle, Illinois


Since attending BodyWorks a month ago, I have become a stronger person; I have been able to lose 12 pounds with another 30 pounds to go. My inner strength has blossomed into a confident, empowered woman. I am able to eat what I want with the right amount of food. It has sincerely been very easy for me to achieve my goals and maintain a healthy balance of food and activity without difficulty in any way.

– C.D. Fort Myers, Florida


The Enrichment Center is dedicated to helping people successfully redirect and transform their lives from the inside out with a creative process that removes blocks and obstacles and opens the door for achieving goals, dreams and success! Please feel free to contact us to find out more about The Life Enrichment Process, to schedule one of our training programs for your organization or for a free consultation about how our services can help your team, please call us at (847) 387-4119.