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The Enrichment Center Seminars

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  • Personal Development
  • Business Development
  • Spa for the Mind
  • Become a Consultant
  • Complimentary Showcases

    You are invited to discover The Life Enrichment Process and to hear how individuals have shifted their lives and moved in a positive direction that is congruent with their dreams and goals. So many of us are held back by past experiences that have nothing to do with where we are today and where we want to go. The Life Enrichment Process is a mind/body technique that enables you to redesign who you are and what you want in life.

    Individual Private One-On-One 

    Consulting Session featuring The Life Enrichment Process.

    Manifesting Abundance

    Create in your life the abundance you would like to achieve. Make sure your subconscious beliefs are not preventing you from manifesting abundance. The universe IS abundant and so are you! You can and will attract it into your life!

    Reinventing Yourself

    This seminar is about redesigning who you are in life. It is about becoming the person you always knew that you were, but other circumstances or people directed you to behave in a manner that did not allow you to express yourself fully. This seminar is about trusting yourself and loving yourself in all aspects of your life; family, work, church, and relationships.

    Testimonial – “This is different from any other seminar I’ve ever attended. It will not just change the way I do my job, it will change the way I live my life.” – N.P., Roselle, IL 

    Reinventing Your Future 

    Create your future from what you want instead of from what you think you have to do. Most of us are trying to justify that we deserve the good life instead of just creating it. Escape the “to do” list lifestyle and start creating your future.

    Testimonial –  “A renewed self confidence that I can choose my beliefs, understand where old belief systems originated and recreate new beliefs built on experience, maturity and a desire for fulfillment. A new freedom.” – L.W., Lisle, IL

    About Money 

    Designed to change the participant’s relationship with money from one of lack of money to being receptive to the flow of money. It deals with letting go of the beliefs that we must work hard or that we have to deserve money in order to have it. When your life becomes about doing what makes us happy rather than creating income, then money can take on a spiritual nature that grants us freedom rather than being our suppressor.

    Testimonial – “I realized I was thinking about my beliefs, not living them. This program immediately accelerated my career.” – L.S., Ft. Myers, FL 

    Men and Women In Relationships

    Create a relationship as you want it, rather than recreating old mistakes over again. This seminar is designed to create partnership and to end co-dependency. Special attention is given to the way men and women communicate differently and our automatic responses to the opposite gender’s style of communication. It is for men and women who are currently in a relationship or for anyone who wants to be in a successful relationship.

    Testimonial – “There is nothing like it, I am 100% sold on an incredible way to change my unwanted behaviors.” – M.G.S., Dartmouth, MA

    Body Works 

    A Mind/Body Process for Weight Control that works on weight control from the inside out. We don’t realize how many old beliefs about our weight that we have tucked away in our subconscious that are sabotaging us every day of our lives. BodyWorks is designed to help you look at the beliefs you have about food and your weight and then change those beliefs to what you would like them to be. It also will enable you to see yourself as a person that is in control of yourself, your body, your food intake and your weight rather than be controlled by your old beliefs. Get excited, because not only are our participants feeling in control and powerful but they are losing weight and saying that it is so easy and natural. By changing your thinking, you can change your body and your life!

  • High Performance

    High Performance is designed to create the ability to produce more with less stress. It is the seminar about winning at your own game, whether the game is sales, managing the performance of others, sports, or any arena where you expect to be productive. This seminar is excellent fuel for businesses or individuals that want grace and ease, while producing maximum results.

    Testimonial – ” This has helped me realize things in my life that I never thought I would achieve.” – J.S., Ft. Myers, FL 

    Selling From the Inside Out

    This is a high-powered, interactive workshop that targets beliefs that sabotage people from achieving their sales potential. Designed for sales professionals of all levels, this program uses experiential exercises to breakthrough self-limiting thoughts. Participants grow the confidence they need to be a top-producer by relating to all four buying styles and overcoming almost any objection. They transform their limits into powerful, new success-oriented beliefs and actions.

    Testimonial – ” My call reluctance is gone and I doubled my quota in the first week. This is the fastest way to get past the negative beliefs that are limiting your income in sales.” – B.C., Tampa, FL

    Power Selling 

    Designed to increase your income from sales while expressing a greater sense of self worth and confidence. Veteran and novice sales people will find greater ease in speaking with clients and closing the sale. A new enthusiasm for the future will be achieved. This seminar stands on it’s own or can be combined with Mastering Sales for a powerful two-day training.

    Testimonial – ” It helps you evaluate what keeps you optimally effective in the sales process. I am more confident on the phone with clients and find that I schedule more appointments. I am more productive and able to juggle all of my work comfortably.” – S.F., Rosemont, IL 

    Mastering Sales 

    Mastering Sales is for people who make their living selling a product or service. It deals specifically with creating ease in the tasks of “cold calling”, following up, and closing the sale. Participants discover the subconscious limitations on their income and participate in creating a “limitless income attitude.” This seminar is recommended for top sales people who want to reduce stress and for those who want to be a top producer.

    Testimonial – ” I have always hated cold calling. But I now am looking forward to grabbing the phone and having fun making money.” – D.R., Chicago, IL 

    Speak Easy 

    SpeakEasy was designed for individuals that experience light, moderate or extreme discomfort in stand up presentations. Whether you are delivering a sales presentation or motivationally speaking to thousands, create a comfort level for yourself and focus only on your message as opposed to your anxiety.

    Testimonial – ” Although I’ve always had high aspirations of speaking, I was afraid to start my own business and stand up for myself in compromising situations. Now I am pursuing the life I’ve always wanted – the processing has made my dreams congruent with my actions.” – A.B., Naples, FL

  • Spa For The Mind 

    This is the ultimate in reconstructing who and what you want from your future. Find out how to comfortably change unwanted behaviors that are holding you back along with nurturing your body in elegant luxury. You deserve to treat yourself to a small group setting while enjoying the serenity and peacefulness of the moment.

    (Three Days) includes processing, lodging and much, much more.

    Please contact us for more information and investment cost.

  • Train The Consultant 

    If you are passionate about The Enrichment Process and want to start your own consulting company, these four days are imperative. Become a Certified consultant and you will be able to: consult one-on-one with individuals, you will learn to self-process and you can assist us in our seminars listed above.

    Pre-requisite – must attend two seminars above.

    (Three Days)

    Contact us for more information and investment cost. 

    Enrichment Center Master Training 

    Become a Master Trainer and own your own Enrichment Center.

    Master trainers will be able to:

    • Run their own Enrichment Programs
    • Purchase programs from Enrichment Technologies, Inc.
    • Facilitate the “Train the Consultant” program.

    Requirements are:

    • Have minimum experience
    • Be approved by Enrichment Technologies, Inc.
    • Purchase your program materials from Enrichment Technologies, Inc.

    (Four Days)

    Please contact us for more information and investment cost.

The Enrichment Center is dedicated to helping people successfully redirect and transform their lives from the inside out with a creative process that removes blocks and obstacles and opens the door for achieving goals, dreams and success! Please feel free to contact us to find out more about The Life Enrichment Process, to schedule one of our training programs for your organization or for a free consultation about how our services can help your team, please call us at (847) 387-4119.


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