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What is the Life Enrichment Process?

The Life Enrichment Process TM is a technique that enables you to redesign who you are and what you want in your life. We use a combined mind and body process where you learn to consciously create advancement in your life. Experience The Life Enrichment Process and see how you can be the one who controls and sets up what kind of life you would like to design.

The Enrichment Process

How does it work?

We have subconscious beliefs that create automatic behaviors. These often create behaviors and attitudes that are inconsistent with our goals and dreams. The process helps to discover those subconscious patterns that are working against you.


How does the process do that?

The key is locating subconscious beliefs. Because we are not usually aware of these patterns, we have to access the subconscious. We use an easy questioning process with body response signals to determine if you have hidden patterns working against you. You are fully conscious and in control of the process. It is very gentle, and neither intrusive nor judgmental.


positive resultsWhat results can I expect?

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Become more successful in business
  • Create better relationships
  • Be in control of yourself
  • Reduce stress


What do you do exactly?

We facilitate the process in partnership with you and help you locate what areas of your life you would like to advance.


The Enrichment Center is dedicated to helping people successfully redirect and transform their lives from the inside out with a creative process that removes blocks and obstacles and opens the door for achieving goals, dreams and success! Please feel free to contact us to find out more about The Life Enrichment Process, to schedule one of our training programs for your organization or for a free consultation about how our services can help your team, please call us at (847) 387-4119.


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