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Barbara ParsonsBarbara Parsons has helped thousands of people create positive change in their lives and achieve their goals. She is the president and owner of the consulting firm Enrichment Technologies, Inc. For more than 20 years, Barbara has built strong, productive teams for major corporations that include Chrysler, Polaroid and McDonald’s  She combines her business background with innovative human technology to increase productivity, dramatically boost sales and help you focus on total success. Barbara spent over 20 years in the field of corporate training and personal development.  For the past five years Barbara has donated endless hours chairing the major event at Rainbows for all Children “Canvases and Corks” helping to raise money for children that grieve from divorce, death or incarceration.  Also on the Rainbows Women’s Board, she helped to achieve a variety of ways to bring in further financial assistance allowing children to receive their support.

The Life Enrichment Process has played an integral role in her success in changing peoples’ lives. Over the last 20 years, hundreds of people have been able to find happiness, lose weight, uncover confidence, and change their lives for the better, because of The Life Enrichment Process. Barbara lives with her husband in Chicago, Illinois, where she continues to facilitate and teach the Life Enrichment Process™, showing others how to tap into their own strength and wisdom, and develop their own team of supporters.


Gina McAndrewGina McAndrew  is a Trainer Who Understands the Need for Coaching. Helping service companies strengthen their people skills has been Gina McAndrew’s focus for more than 20 years. As more and more firms recognize the importance of relationships–with customers, between employees, and more–Gina McAndrew’s clients increasingly rely on her not simply as a trainer, but as a strategic partner who can help them achieve peak performance. Her ability to enhance employees’ leadership, team building, sales, customer service and quality-assurance skills has drawn praise from both her clients and her workshop participants, who span a wide range of service-based industries. Gina excels at connecting with program participants on an individual level, especially in a group workshop setting. Evaluations of her work consistently cite how she simplifies the learning process, making her courses a fun, enlightening experience. Coaching is an increasingly important part of her work. “For training to be effective, you have to help managers and executives recognize and address the issues they bring to their jobs,” Gina says. “I try to do that in every course I teach, whatever the topic.” In addition to her coaching and training work, Gina serves as the Personal Development Manager for the Miss Illinois Scholarship Association. She is also on the Women’s Board of Directors for Rainbows, a nonprofit helping to guide children through life’s storms.

Gina is a professional life coach, dedicated to helping individuals discover their passion as well as coaching to develop the right attitude and overcome their obstacles.  She is also a certified facilitator in the Life Enrichment Process™. Born and raised in Chicago, Gina now resides in the city with her husband, a Chicago firefighter, and their son.

The Enrichment Center is dedicated to helping people successfully redirect and transform their lives from the inside out with a creative process that removes blocks and obstacles and opens the door for achieving goals, dreams and success! Please feel free to contact us to find out more about The Life Enrichment Process, to schedule one of our training programs for your organization or for a free consultation about how our services can help your team, please call us at (847) 387-4119.



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