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Welcome to Corporate Training with a Twist

What is the Twist?  The twist is that the individual comes FIRST.

Imagine trying to create a team of individuals who are each dealing with their own challenges?  What would the results be?

Now imagine a team coming together who are open, excited and confident? The results are entirely different and incredibly productive.

We are dedicated to helping people successfully confront their challenges from the inside out.  We have a variety of unique techniques, programs and training that open the door to achieving goals, dreams both for individual and team success!

The Enrichment Center is here to help bring out the brilliance of both the individuals and teams.

Take Flight with Your Life at The Enrichment Center!

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Personal Growth and Development

The Life Enrichment Process™ is one of our techniques that help individuals recognize challenges that stem from the subconscious paving the way for  sustainable success.  We all hold onto subconscious beliefs that we acquired earlier in our lives but they do not serve us well today.  Learn how to recognize these subconscious beliefs and eliminate their restrictive effect on future success and happiness.

Corporate Training Programs

We are authorized partners with Wiley Corporation which incorporates DiSC profiles and Everything DiSC programs and facilitation. They can be used with everyone in the organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace and the success of teams.

Please join us for a complimentary consultation to discover what you or your company’s needs are.  Please contact:  Barbara Parsons at or call her at (847) 387-4119.

We are especially proud of the testimonials that demonstrate how the technology has enriched lives. We encourage you to visit our calendar for upcoming programs at our centers. Our Consultants are available for travel to your workplace anywhere in the US. Or you may visit one of our centers for seminars, workshops, and one-on-one counseling. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about The Life Enrichment Process™ or to order your copy of  our books “Take Flight With Your Life” or “Six Figures” please visit our Resources page.


The Enrichment Center